Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an important cofactor in all living cells, involved in fundamental biological processes including metabolism, cell signaling, gene expression, DNA repair, and more.

Systemic NAD+ decline is one of the fundamental molecular events that negatively impacts the process of aging, potentially limiting lifespan.

• NAD+ is required for energy production through metabolism and helps turn nutrients into energy – without NAD+, we cannot make energy.
• NAD+ is required for energy production in every tissue, including the brain, immune cells,
muscles, and more.
• It is a required “helper” molecule for proteins that regulate other cellular functions.
• Availability of NAD+ in the body promotes DNA repair, while NAD+ decline is associated
with an accumulation of DNA damage.
• NAD+ levels decrease across multiple types of tissues with age, a factor associated with
many hallmarks of aging.

Background & History

• Discovered by Nobel Prize-winning British biochemists in 1906
• The availability of NAD+ has shown to promote DNA health and repair
• NAD+ is required to deactivate genes that accelerate aging
• Unfortunately, scientific studies show that NAD+ levels decline significantly with age
• Historically the most effective way to boost NAD+ was through expensive infusions; pills
have been shown to be less effective


NAD+ works to aid in several key biological processes, including:
• The repair and protection of damaged DNA within your body
• The effective extraction of energy from nutrition
• The maintenance of normal mitochondrial function
• The preservation of chromosomal integrity
• The signaling of calcium, which is essential for muscle contraction and the secretion of

Many of these functions help your body avoid degradation at a cellular level. When cells do not degrade, they stay strong and healthy.

As a result, NAD+ IV infusion therapy provides many anti-aging benefits, such as:

• Slowing down cognitive decline
• Promoting healthier brain function
• Combating fatigue
• Increasing energy levels
• Boosting metabolism
• Reducing internal inflammation, thereby helping your body recover more quickly from an
• Slowing the aging process by regenerating cells